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Energy, Project Research & Development

Formerly, Planeta Vibrante LDA. Innovakeme was born in 2015 as a result of the identification of needs that we, as a society, have to fight against climate change with renewable energy. Innovakeme develops projects to help the Renewable Energy Sector to achieve the greater goals of de-carbonization.

Our Mission
Our main goal is to develop Innovative engineering R&D projects and cause impact in the sustainable development. Innovakeme is focused in renewable energy and sustainability sectors, with special emphasis on new technologies such as: Floating Offshore wind, Hybridization solar/biomass, Blockchain for the Renewable Energy market, Sustainable acuiculture and Electric vehicle charging technology
Our Values
- Passion about what we do - Sustainability - Experienced multi-skilled team - Know-how in technology - Proactive and innovative mindset
Our Market
Our target markets are Portugal and Spain but we plan to expand and internationalize to outspan the Served AvailabLe Market (SAM)
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Jorge Dot
Miriam Mesas
Carlos Navarro
Project Director
José Ezequiel
Environmental Engineer
Nuno Jorge
Mechanical Engineer